Volume 4 Early Liveries



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The period of BR moderisation produced a wealth of different loco types many of which are no longer in regular service. So if you yearn for the days of loco hauled trains this series is bound to impress.

Although most rail fans didn’t realize it at the time – in retrospect the 1960s and 70s with their fascinating assortment of ‘new’ motive power can now be seen as the vintage years of modern traction. While the 1980s with it’s corporate blue livery is now equally a symbol of yesterday’s railway.

This nostalgic programme features the following archive action all with the benefit of authentic sound effects for each loco class:-

– Class 55 Deltics prototype and production classes.

– Class 33 in action on the Southern.

– Class 35 Hymek at work in the West Country.

– Class 42 Warships at Waterloo, Taunton, Sailsbury, Exeter and Dawlish.

– Class 52 Westerns- action from Cardiff, Paddington, Dawlish & Newton Abbot.

– Class 37 freight and passenger workings.

– Class 40 passenger & freight workings on the WCML – including taking water on the troughs at Tebay !

– Class 44, 45 & 46 Peaks – a look at these well loved classes.

– Class 47 – The standard BR workhorse – mainly green liveried locos.

– Class 50, Passenger duties at Glasgow Central & WCML.

– Also Class 16, Class 17, Class 25, Class 28 ‘Metrovick’, Class 31 and West Coast Main Line electric traction, also the famous ‘Blue Pullman’ & ‘Bournemouth Belle.’

– Faithfully recreated sounds for each class of loco.


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