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We are now pleased to offer a selection of recent titles from the Tele Rail catalogue for you to download at home. For some customers this method of viewing a video programme, when linked to a domestic TV via a computer, may prove to be more convenient and cost effective than playing a DVD.

How do I get my video downloads?

PLEASE NOTE – In the Cart/Basket, select the Download button at the postage section – not 1st/2nd class Post!

After payment is taken, you will then be taken back to your order where there is a download link waiting for you. The files are quite large so they will take a while to download depending on your broadband speed. The final MP4 file which contains the complete video title is now yours to keep and play on any device you like, just like you would have done with a DVD.

How do I watch my download on a domestic TV? 

There are different ways to watch downloaded MP4 videos on a domestic smart TV, which method you use will depend on your equipment.

Many customers with TV’s that are only a few years old, will already be familiar with connecting their computer or iPad to the TV by ‘mirroring’. This is sometimes also referred to as ‘airplay’, which once linked will show whatever is playing on your laptop, tablet or phone.

For TV’s that don’t have a built in mirroring app there is a huge choice of alternatives to be found, just try searching for the two machines being used. A typical Google search that asks ‘how do I mirror my iPad with a Sony TV ?’ will bring a selection of apps some are chargeable while others are free.

As an alternative downloaded video files can also be transferred onto a USB stick, as many modern TVs have USB sockets which can read MP4 files. Finally you can also simply connect a computer or tablet to your TV using a HDMI cable.


Free Download Player

If your player on your computer will not play the Downloads, try this Free Download from VLC –
Download VLC Player

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