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Although the British Rail network has never really benefited from a coherent long term electrification policy, lagging way behind most other European systems in this respect, the last two decades have seen main-line electrification of both the principal routes between London and Scotland. Both these routes, and also the main London to East Anglia line, are featured at a wide variety of locations.

As well as featuring the entire present range of electric locomotives in nearly every livery, this superbly made programme also includes:-

• Class 81 and 85 A brief look at these interesting pioneers during their final years.

• Class 86s are seen on passenger work, both on the West Coast main line and the East Anglian main line. They are also seen on a wide variety of rail freight, including Freightliner, steel, coal, parcels and Speedlink.

• Class 87s are photographed working a wide cross section of traffics, including passenger and freight on the WCML. As well as the unique surviving Railfreight 87101

• Class 89 A concise look at the short lived career of ‘Avocet’ which is seen working during early running in trials, and later on commuter trains from Kings Cross to Peterborough.

• Class 90s The newest traction in regular use on the West coast main line, are seen on a wide variety of passenger services as well as some typical rail freight flows including Freightliner, parcels and the daily European service. Also included are the special livery ‘Freight connection’ locomotives.

• Class 91s The pride of the East coast main line passenger service are seen at a wide variety of scenic locations, from Kings Cross to Berwick. Also featured are early trial runs and a special WCML working.

• Class 71 A brief look at the surviving Class 71, which was recently restored to full working order.

• Class 73s With their unique electric/diesel capability, are featured on a wide variety of work. Examples include nearly all the different liveries: Civil Link, Network South East, BR Green, Orient Express, and BR Blue. There is also a close look at the work that these locomotives are most closely associated with on the Gatwick Express, as well as a feature on the 73s transferred to Chester.


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