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Ever since the days of steam traction different designs of rail locomotives have been classified into working groups – usually taking into account a combination of variables such as their wheel arrangement and power ratings.

Probably the best known of these modern groupings are the Type 5 Freight Locomotives which comprise Class 56, 58, 59 & 60. These distinctly different looking locomotives are all expected to perform similar work:- pulling some of the heaviest rail freight trains on British Rail today.

Made with the full co-operation of BR and Foster Yeoman, this informative programme takes a close look at each class of Type 5 locomotive.

The comprehensive script, initially traces the history of each class before clarifying some of the more fundamental technical details.

While the unrivalled photography and direction provides an indispensable contemporary guide to the best ‘hot spots’ where each class can be seen at work today.

Lines and traffics featured include

• Class 56:- Coal at Fiddlers Ferry, Denby, Barnetby, ECML, Aggregates, Rubbish & Steel.

• Class 58:- Coal at Clipstone, Bolsover, Bennerley, Harworth, Toton, Ironbridge.

• Class 59:- Aggregates at Theale, Acton, Westbury, Merehead (including cab ride).

• Class 60:- Iron Ore traffic, Aggregates, Oil, & Coal services.


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