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During the late 1950s when British Railways first became committed to eradicating steam traction, it began to search in earnest for all round mixed traction diesel locomotives. Undoubtedly one of the most successful of the early designs was the English Electric type 3, as the class 37s were initially known. Over the years these popular machines with their characteristic throaty roar, often nicknamed growlers or tractors, have become firm favourites with railway enthusiasts.

• The initial design has survived the test of time with only a few distinctive alterations to the locos front end. However, technically the class is now divided into a considerable number of mechanical variants. Made with the full co-operation of British Rail, this informative programme – featuring especially commissioned material – takes a close and thorough look at this popular and distinctive class. A comprehensive script, initially tracing the history of these outstanding machines, helps to clarify the major differences between today’s sub- classes. While the unrivalled photography and direction provide an indispensable guide to the very best location hot spots where 37s can be found hard at work today.

• There’s also the rare opportunity to watch a driver explain the cab check sequence, before starting up one of these distinctive sounding locomotives, as well as two cab rides.

Concentrating on today’s most characteristic traffic flows, this one hour video includes:-

• Blackpool Club Trains, China Clay in Cornwall, Boulby and Eastgate branches in Yorkshire, and passenger and railfreight operations in the most scenic parts of Scotland.

• Also steel traffic nationwide, coal in Scotland and South Wales, Civil Engineers’ traffic and aggregate traffic from Peak Forest; in all a superb selection of working 37s from all sub-sectors, in practically every livery.


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