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Until fairly recently much of Russia was closed to Western visitors and consequentially the vast majority of the huge railway network, particularly away from the main lines, has remained unexplored. Since the break up of the Soviet Union and the railway network into independent units, the chance has arisen for the first Western railway entrepreneurs to sample some of the worlds most intensively used railway networks.

While in theory it’s possible to travel independently to most parts of the former USSR, in practice there are formidable obstacles to overcome – not least the language and lack of reliable internal air flights. Fortunately G W Travel, which specialises in Russian rail tours, has been able to overcome these problems.

In this unique programme we join Nigel Harris the editor of Steam Railway the world’s biggest selling steam magazine for the trip of a lifetime. During the course of a 3,000 kilometre ten day tour – hauled exclusively by Russian steam loco’s- through the beautiful Russian Caucasus and Black Sea regions, Nigel is able to give the viewer an expert insight into Russian railways.

As well as a close look at the wide variety of steam locomotives used on the tour, this superbly filmed programme also features an extensive look at everyday traffic in this busy part of Russia, highlighting both freight and passenger trains throughout the Caucasus.

There’s also a contrasting look at many stations each complete with their own exotic platform life that is now so common in Russia.

This video includes magnificent main line steam action and station/town visits to the following principle locations:-

• Tikhoretsk, Mineralnye-Vody, Armavir, Pyatigorsk, Kislovodsk, Tuapse, Sochi, Adler, Krasnodar, Krymsk, Kavkaz.

• Also featured are these equally interesting branch lines:- Zheleznovodsk, Apsheronsk, Guamsky Canyon, Novorossiysk.

• Steam classes featured:- E, FD, SO, L, LV, Su, P36 also the following modern traction classes:- TE3, VL80, ER2, TEM2, VL8, 2TE 10M, CHS4T.


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