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Italy with it’s temperate climate and historic cities is a popular holiday destination for many people. From the mountainous Alps in the far North to the tip of the Italian ‘toe’ in the South, the whole country benefits from a diverse range of railway operations – featuring both state and private lines. The diverse action ranges from sophisticated high speed Pendolinos to elderly narrow gauge rural services. This useful video guide features a good cross section of action from most parts of Italy including:-

• Mainline action in and around Venice as well as freight traffic from the near by the docks at Mestre.

• A visit behind the scenes at Verona depot. Passenger and freight traffic on the Verona to Brennero line.

• The privately owned Ferrovie Padane (FP) from Ferra to Codigoro, including railcar operations as well as freight traffic with ex DB class 220 ‘warships’.

• The Ferrovia Suzzara Ferrara (FSF) with freight traffic from Ferrara to Bondeno, using ex DB 220s. Passenger and freight traffic on the scenic Bologna to Prato route.

• The privately owned Azienda Consorziale Trasporti (ACT) featuring freight traffic hauled by ex DB 216 class locos from Reggio to Dinazzano.

• Mainline action around Ancona, including a cab ride to the docks station at Ancona.

• Passenger and freight action on the highly scenic cross country route from Falconara through to the Fabriano area. Also the local pick up trip freight on the Pergola branch to Melano-Marischio.

• Preserved main line steam near to Fabriano featuring 740, 160. Mainline action between Naples and Rome, including a look at Rome.

• Also a look at the two main routes between Rome and Firenze, contrasting local passenger and freight traffic with the High Speed ETR 500s.

• Passenger & freight traffic around Bari. Railcar action on the diesel branch line from Rocchetta San Antonio-Lacedonia to Potenza.

• FS railcar operations around Catanzaro as well as the privately owned Ferrovie Delia Calabria (FC) line with rack fitted diesel railcars working from Catanzaro Citta to Catanzaro Lido.

• The attractive diesel worked coastal mainline from Catanzaro Lido through to the electrified line at Sibari and on to Metaponto, featuring both passenger and freight workings.

• The electrified mainline from Giola Tauro to Villa San Giovanni (where train ferries leave for Sicily).

• Loco Classes:- E402, E424, E444, E632, E646, E656, D341, D345, D445, DE122, Pendolinos ETR450, ETR500 and many electric and diesel railcars. Also ex DB 220 & 216 classes.


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