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In 1990, Altrincham celebrated 700 years of its Royal Charter. The achievements and developments of this Cheshire town were marked by both events and publications that recorded its rise to importance in the South Manchester conurbation. That growth was largely due to the coming of the railway to the town in 1849 under the control of the Manchester South Junction & Altrincham Railway Company. This programme, with archive film and historical material follows that development and, in particular, features the 1,500 volts DC pioneering electric railway system introduced in 1931. The memories of those who remember the unique features of the ‘old leccies’ are aired, together with tales of their introduction and demise.

Engineers and enthusiasts alike recount both the first day of electric train working in May 1931, and the dramatic scenes at Altrincham some 40 years later when, as the oldest stock of its type then in use on BR tracks rattled away into the night adorned with commemorative headboard and wreath In l 971 the line was re-electrified to complement the national network at 25KV, and in the late 1980s is changed yet again with the introduction of the Metrolink Light Rapid Transit system. Once again, pioneering electric trains to Manchester.

‘This video is well produced and must be regarded as a standard work on the line for the period covered.’ (K&WVR Magazine) ‘A very well produced video – superb aerial sequences.’ (Railway Magazine))


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