Vanishing World Steam – Volume 3 – Cuba Part 1



DVD Runtime: 97 Minutes

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Still officially a closed communist country, at least as far as citizens of the USA are concerned, Cuba has much to offer the serious connoisseur of working steam.

During the comparatively short sugar season an incredible variety of vintage steam locomotives are pressed into daily service with predominantly American designed locos from both Alco and Baldwin being the most common types, as well as a handful of European examples in use.

The huge variety of sugar cane mills on the island, most of which are standard gauge but also include 2′ 3″, 2′ 6″, & 3′ 0″ examples, have become a magnet for many resourceful rail fans during recent years. The majority use oil fired locos which are renowned for producing particularly dense smoke, but there are a few coal fired locos sometimes to be seen in service.

The island features lots of delightful Spanish timbered colonial style buildings and is also well known as the final resting place for many vintage USA and British cars which are still pressed into every day service.

This unique programme highlights action from many of the most scenic and interesting mills including:-

– 207 Gregorio Arlee Ma’alich

– 211 Rub’n Mart’nez Villena

– 212 Boris Luis Santa Coloma

– 303 Australia

– 306 Cuba Libre

– 403 Mal Tiempo

– 405 Luis Arcos Bergnes

– 418 Obduilo Morales

– 428 Marcelo Salado

– 440 Ifrain Alfonso

– 448 Sim’n Bol’var

– 503 Orlando Gaoz’lez Ramirez


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