Vanishing World Steam – Volume 2 – Poland



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One European steam route that doesn’t need to operate preserved steam is based at Wolstzyn in Poland. Quite incredibly this part of the standard gauge Polish state network, with its pocket of intense daily steam activity, has continued to work right up to the present day.

Using locomotives based at the splendid quarter roundhouse at Wolstzyn, the secondary main lines to Poznan, and Leszno feature the last regular standard gauge steam running in Europe. Some people mistakenly assume this is a tourist style preserved operation. In fact nothing could be further from the truth.

While Steam Railway readers have benefited from special charter trains, the vast majority of movements are scheduled services solely for the benefit of fare paying locals.

Filmed in Winter, Spring & Autumn 1996, this superb video contains all new material and features:-

– Wolstzyn action in and around the famous shed.

– Local pick up freights at Grodzisk, Kargowa & Konotop.

– Cab rides.

– Spectacular secondary main line steam passenger action on the routes to Poznan, Zbaszynek and Leszno.

– Sroda – a look at this fascinating narrow gauge line.

– Steam loco classes including 1917 vintage Prussian P8 4-6-0, the magnificent green livered PM36 Pacific, OL49, OK22, PT47, TY3, TY42, TY45, & narrow gauge PX48.


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