Vanishing World Steam – Volume 10 – Southern Stars



DVD Runtime: 120 Minutes

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This latest programme explores the delights of some of the lesser known areas of Southern China including:-

– Shibanxi – a wonderfully evocative narrow gauge line which twists and turns up an isolated valley to carry coal from a small mine plus numerous local passengers and their animals to market.

– Pindingshan – as far as industrial railways are concerned they don’t get any busier than this! Lots of action including SYs, JSs and QJs.

– Yinghao – it seems like time has stood still on this charming narrow gauge line with its intensively worked shuttle up a steep climb to a transfer yard before a lengthy run to the China Rail railhead.

– Hechi – a wonderful JS operated system that passes through some very dramatic and unusual scenery.

– Zhenjiang – an 8km line from a limestone crushing plant to the shipping point on the Yangtze worked by three JSs.


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