The age of the iconic HST



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The High Speed Train, also known as the InterCity 125, has arguably been the most successful diesel design ever produced for Britain’s railways. Starting in the mid-1970s, this iconic type brought new standards of passenger comfort and speed to many of our main lines. More than 40 years later, many HSTs are still going strong.

This 2020 programme covers the whole of the UK where the High Speed Trains have run regular passenger services, including:-

Stunning aerial sequences.

The BR blue and InterCity era.

East Coast Mainline services including GNER, National Express, East Coast, Virgin, and LNER, plus highlights of the four-day farewell tour in December 2019.

Open access operator Grand Central and Virgin Cross Country.

Network Rail measurement train.

The Great Western main line covering the different livery changes.

Midland Mainline & Cross Country services.

The GWR ‘Castle’ project and Scotrail ‘Inter-7-City’ services.



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