Steam and the Dragon (China 1980s)


Steam and the Dragon (China 1980s)

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Whilst the rest of the world scraps its fleet of working steam locomotives, China remains a location where the enthusiast can catch sight of the spirit of steam as best loved. That is, in the working surroundings of the shed and mainline, the works and sidings it was built to serve. Steam and the Dragon explores locations where locomotive types remain active and in service in North Eastern China. Whilst on the mainline there are RMs, SLs and QJs to view, the lure of steam also entices the film-maker to seldom explored parts of China’s narrow gauge network in Manchuria and into the Industrial surroundings of Anshan Steelworks. Evocative steam shed locations capture the powerful atmosphere of an era that may soon disappear in a fascinating and fast developing country where the diesel now challenges a declining dominance of steam. China has no more worthy a dynasty than her own Dragons of Steam .

This programme is divided into three watchable parts giving extensive lineside coverage.

Part 1 Beijing, The Forbidden City, Harbin Yard, Harbin Wong Gang Bank, Harbin Shed, Nancha Shed, Lines to Wuiling (Branch), Mainline to Jiamusi (RM Classification).

Part 2 Langxiang Narrow Gauge timber lines (600mm), Harbin’s forest loco works, Tieli timber and passenger trains. Mainline action Suiha, QJs, Suiha Shed, Changchun shed, Suiha Mainline, Tieli Mainline.

Part 3 Mainline steam at Langxiang and Changchun, Anshan City and Steel works, (SY and YJ Classes), Dalien bound trains out of Anshan, (SL at Anshan), Fushun (S160s), Benxi (USATCs), concluding mainline montage.

‘Non parochial armchair travellers would do well to view this tape to expand their horizons.’ (Railfan Magazine 1992) ‘Obviously not everyone can afford to travel to China in search of steam, but this video is probably the next best thing.’ ( Steam Railway)


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