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The Rail Freight Today series was an immediate hit when it was first launched in the late 1980’s. Inevitably though an incredible amount has changed over the years and this authoritative series now provides an interesting historic comparison with todays traffic flows and loco classes.

Although less than an hours flight from main land Britain, Ireland’s unique railway system remains relatively unknown to most modern rail enthusiasts. Not anymore!

This programme explores the fascinating variety of highly atmospheric rail freight operations to be seen across all regions of the beautiful Emerald Isle. Whether you intend visiting Ireland, or merely want to explore its scenic delights from your armchair, this video is essential viewing.

It provides an exceptional introduction and guide to a country that has been neglected by rail enthusiasts for far too long. The vast majority of the network is still single track section, boasting many attractive and well cared for rural stations at the passing loops. Motive power is drawn from a small stock list of locos that share both passenger and freight duties. While the broad gauge rail system is still largely controlled by superb semaphore signals and traditional manual signal boxes.

Produced with the full co-operation of Irish Rail, this first look at rail freight in Ireland examines all the main traffic flows, including Ore, Cement, Guinness, Gypsum, Ammonia, Fertiliser, and container traffic. Traffic movements at the central hub of Dublin are explained, and operations at Belfast are also observed.

As well as inspecting main line traffic, this volume also includes views of some highly scenic branch lines, including Kingscourt, and Foynes.

Also cab rides on freight only lines, and Ireland?s main seasonal traffic flow: sugar beet. With site visits and plenty of lineside action, it all adds up to an unsurpassed feast of pure railway nostalgia!


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