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This programme was produced in 2003.

For nearly half a century the basic principles of operating model electric train layouts have remained remarkably similar. But now, at long last, things can be very different.

By using Digital Command Control it’s possible to actually ‘drive’ each individual train on anything from the smallest to the largest layout. Complicated shunting manoeuvres and even banking operations can also be reliably accomplished.

Drivers can now experience the real ‘feel’ to each locomotive’s individual controls, with both acceleration and deceleration being accurately programmable for different train loads.

– This great programme shows all the basics in detail, including how to wire both track and points. As well as looking at how to install a DCC decoder in locos, there’s also a chance to look at plenty of working DCC adapted models, including some with accurate on board sound.

– There’s also a chance to look at two contrasting OO gauge layouts, both of which use DCC to great effect to achieve some very different modelling perspectives.

– If you’re considering DCC, but have been put off by the technicalities, or just would like to see for yourself what can be easily achieved, this expertly produced programme produced with the expert help of ZTC and carefully scripted by Model Rail guest writer PHIL GRAINGER, will answer all your questions including typical costs and skill levels required.

So don’t delay – it’s time to move on to the next generation of realistic modelling with Digital Command Control!


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