Model Rail Expert Box Set



DVD Runtime: 3 hours 41 Minutes

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Locomotive Detailing Expert with George Dent

Top modeller George Dent shows you how to:

– Fit supplied buffer beam details

– ‘Unglue’ parts

– Add a crew

– Fit new smoke deflectors

– Make and fit wire handrails

– Change factory-applied numbers

– Fit new nameplates

– Add extra coal to a tender

– Use an etched and cast metal conversion kit

– Turn a Bachmann Class 20 into a Class 20/3

MODEL RAIL The Definitive Airbrush EXPERT

with George Dent

There comes a time when painting with an ordinary brush will never achieve that completely realistic finish. With the expert help of George Dent, a variety of different techniques are demonstrated in this latest DVD in the Model rail ‘Expert’ series.

This in-depth programme includes:

– Equipment: Airbrushes; Compressors and supplies; filters & gauges. Spray booth, masks, gloves basic health & safety.

– Excercises on paper and card; readythinned paints; testing on scrap models.

– Preparation: Surface rub-down & cleanup; priming; mixing / thinning paints.

– Techniques: Painting with enamel, cellulose and acrylics; Masking; top coats; cleaning up; Weathering effects.

MODEL RAIL Weathering Expert

This new DVD is a superb in-depth guide to helping you achieve the very best bespoke weathering job possible. Although most models are supplied ‘ex works’ from the box it’s easy to forget that railways are a naturally dirty environment.

They operate within urban, industrial and rural areas, running through all weathers and, down the years, have carried all manner of materials. Although factory-applied weathering has been offered on a number of ready-to-run models in recent years and, while this offers the customer more choice, the effect can often look one-dimensional.

They are, after all, merely sprayed with a misting of brown and black paint as they pass along the production line.

– With the expert help of George Dent a variety of different techniques are demonstrated including easy weathering with Tamiya weathering Master pigments, applying faded shades of the EWS finish, aiming for a tired paint job but generally clean. Weathering track with an airbrush.

– Using Scenic Rust and Tensocrom Glazes on buildings.

– Producing a dirty loco, but weathered using paints and powders.

– Producing the look of a working but well cleaned loco, using metalcote enamels buffed-up to give an oily shine.

– The end of steam neglected look using a combination of techniques. Selected highlights:-

– Light weathering with Tamiya pigments

– Distressed EWS livery on a class 37 Heavy weathering with windscreen wiper marks

– Track weathering with an airbrush

– Scenic rust and Tensocrom glazes on buildings

– The battered and rusted look of a 16 ton mineral wagon

– Realistic cleaned, oily sheen on an A4 Real coal and ash grease and grime on a neglected 8F


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