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Model Rail Volume 9

Speed is the theme of this programme which includes record breaking 4-4-0 City of Truro, the Class 67 and high speed mail operations, and Virgin’s striking Class 390 Pendolino, capable of 140 mph. Nigel Harris introduces the programme from Alstom’s Asfordby Test Centre where Pendolinos are being put through their paces before release to Virgin.

You can’t see the join Chris Leigh shows how to conceal the unsightly gap between buildings and the ground, which spoils many a good layout.

Hot tips on hot tips! Dave Lowery demonstrates the use of a variable temperature soldering station when assembling cast white metal components.

Pendolino: tilting sensation! We examine the Dapol Pendolino in ’00’ and Nigel Harris explores the full size unit drawing attention to some modelable details.

Melford Kelvin Barnes’s ’00’ modern image layout is a versatile fiddle yard-to-terminus operation that’s just 11ft long and packed with detail. Plus: Archive footage of City of Truro in action, Class 67 mail operations, and a look at Lima’s Class 67 model and Bachmann’s intermodal wagons. Running time 80 minutes approx.

Model Rail Volume 10

Nigel Harris introduces this programme from the Severn Valley Railway, one of Britain’s most successful standard gauge preserved railways and home of a wide range of locomotives and stock operating through beautiful West Midlands scenery. It’s absolutely packed with detail to inspire your modelling.

Leyland MRC’s ‘N’ gauge spectacular Our first featured ‘N’ gauge layout is a long, slim monster with more than a scale mile of main line through super detailed scenery. Essentially modern image, includes one or two surprises in this scale.

Soldering highs and lows Dave Lowery continues his demonstration of soldering techniques which began on programme 9 with delicate low temperature soldering. Now he shows more assembly techniques for white metal kits and some higher temperature work on larger areas of brass.

Model Rail editor Chris Leigh examines some model figures and provides a beginner’s guide to some simple techniques for painting miniature people.

Dunston Green Kelvin Barnes built this small ’00’ branch terminus to cater for his young son’s intrest in steam locomotives. Set in the 1950s/60s it matches Melford (programme 9) in showing Kelvin’s eye for detail. Plus: Archive footage of WD 2-8-0s, Classes 89 and 91 in traffic and vintage diesel railbuses and a look at the Hornby HST and Silver Fox AC Cars railbus. Running time 80 minutes approx.

Model Rail Volume 11

Nigel Harris introduces this programme from the National Railway Museum in York. Including Rocket, the ‘Schools’ 4-4-0, Evening Star, and Deltic it also provides a glimpse inside the museum’s newly opened stores section. It’s absolutely packed with detail to inspire your modelling.

Holiday Haunts ‘0’ gauge spectacular Shown in 2002 at Model Rail’s GWR Convention in Swindon, Holiday Haunts in inspired by the Dawlish seawall section of the GWR. As a club layout it features a wide variety of stock from the Big Four companies and is large enough for the trains to be seen i full in a scenic setting.

Open frame explained How do you create a realistic scenic setting on a layout’ It has to be ‘designed in’ right from the start, using open frame baseboards. Dave Lowery shows how to build an open frame baseboard to allow scenery above and below track level.

Transferring perfection Darren Sherwood demonstrates various types of transfers and decals, showing how to apply them without tell-tale backing film being visible.

Midhurst Today, Midhurst’s railways are long gone, but Tony Bates’s layout is an accurate ’00’ scale model of this classic English junction, set in the period 1930-39, 250 miles away in Wigan, Lancashire. Plus: Archive footage of Hunslet Austerities. Running time 80 minutes approx.

Model Rail Volume 12

Nigel Harris introduces this programme from Paddington station and the Heathrow Exprss service including scenes on board and around the trains, inside the state of the art Old Oak Common depot and a cab ride into Heathrow Central station.

Stoney Middleton Peter Mason’s Buxton cellar is full of modern image ’00’ layout. We take a close look at a diverse array of traffic from cross country passenger trains to block stone, postal and local van trains.

Polystyrene scenic work Dave Lowry continues his demonstration of building an open frame baseboard, begun in Model Rail video 11, by filling in the gaps in the frame with a scenic base made of expanded polystyrene.

All paint and powder Darren Sherwood gives some plastic wagons the timber treatment with replacement ‘unpainted’ planks and dry powder weathering. There’s even a role for real coal.

‘Golden Arrow’ Chris Leigh shows how to fit the Model Rail ‘Golden Arrow’ nameplates and fittings to a new Hornby light ‘Pacific’ in readiness for the arrival of Hornby’s new Pullman cars. Plus: Archive footage of ‘Royal Scot’ 4-6-0s . Heathrow Express Class 332s, Paddington station and a Manx Northern Railway layout. Running time 80 minutes approx.


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