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Model Rail Volume 5

Introduced by Model Rail Managing Editor, Nigel Harris, from the English Welsh & Scottish Railway diesel traction depot at Toton, this programme takes a behind the scenes look at this main EWS workshops with ideas on how to model a diesel locomotive depot and the buildings and details to incorporate. Our cameras were given free reign to record depot activity and maintenance work.

Wychnor ‘0’ gauge Model Rail was invited to record the final operating session on the Wychnor on Trent ‘0’ gauge Group’s layout before it was dismantled while major building refurbishment took place. This superb layout that’s big enough to handle even an LMS Beyer Garrett, will be re-housed in a smaller room and so will never again be seen as you see it here!

Scenery basics Chris Leigh shows how to build a basic landscape using polystyrene tiles and plaster bandage and goes on to demonstrate how to finish realistic hills. He adds detail, including gorse bushes and poppies while Darren Sherwood demonstrates a novel technique using sea moss to make lifelike trees.

Whiter than white! China Clay traffic old and new. Our ‘operations’ feature examines the working of china clay trains which originate in Cornwall to carry the whitener used in paper and pottery throughout the UK and overseas. From Beattie well tanks and ‘clay opens’ to modern ‘CDA’ wagons and Class 37s, we provide all the details you’ll need.

Prototype details: Chris Leigh adds a new smoke box door to the Hornby Southern Region rebuilt ‘Merchant Navy’ and Darren Sherwood shows his Alexander Models Class 17 Clayton. We’ve archive footage of the real thing, too. Top tips on how to model in card. Once you can build a basic structure in card, there’s no building you can’t tackle.

A modeller’s guide to Toton Recorded in 1998 and 2000, we look behind the scenes at Toton traction depot. Running time 90 minutes approx.

Model Rail Volume 6

Introduced by Model Rail Managing Editor, Nigel Harris, from the new Bombardier Virgin voyager commissioning depot at Crofton near Wakefield, this programme takes a close look at the Virgin Cross Country fleet from Class 47s through HSTs to the new Virgin Voyager DMUs. These 125 mph four-car units are about to transform Virgin services on non-electrified routes.

The Strathmore Route Model Rail went to the Isle of Mull to see this superb evocation of the railway through Perth as it was in the 1950s. Authentic operation is the hallmark of Roger Nicholas’s layout and our miniature onboard camera gets to the heart of the action as the midday trains arrive and depart.

Windows – clearly explained Continuing the construction of station buildings in card for his Savernake baseboard of Model Rail’s ‘TTF’ office layout, Chris Leigh shows how he produces windows and doors, including the ‘stone’ surrounds.

Prototype inspirations Archive footage of Class 86s and LMS ‘Duchess’ 4-6-2s at work. Virgin Fleet A close look at the Virgin Fleet from Class 37 to the new Voyager.

Multi-layer masking and spraying Dave Lowery demonstrates the art of complex masking to spray a Class 37 in Railfreight gray colours.

Buildings for Tetley’s Mills Master modeller Dave Shakespeare shows how to build stone structures in Das modelling clay. Running time 80 minutes approx.

Model Rail Volume 7

In the 1950s Gainsborough Model Railway Society acquired a Victorian school building and built a massive ‘0’ gauge layout therein. Their inspiration was the King’s Cross – Leeds main line and their project included representations of the main features, including King’s Cross, Retford, Doncaster and Leeds Central stations. This is one of Britain’s great heritage model railways, ranking alongside Beckonscot and Pendon but very different from both. Model Rail’s Nigel Harris takes you on a guided tour of the layout and explains the background to the buildings, locomotives and rolling stock. Gainsborough Model Railway We take a tour of the layout following trains from King’s Cross to Leeds and examine some of the 100 plus locomotives which range from goods 0-6-0s to ‘Pacifics’ and the ‘W1’ 4-6-4 plus all the steam age atmosphere of the East Coast main line.

Finishing touches Dave Lowery completes a locomotive repaint by adding transfer and lining with a bow pen. Chris Leigh roofs a station building.

Dirty does it! Darren Sherwood weathers a Hornby tank wagon for that extra special touch of realism.

Falworth George Woodcock’s ’00’ modern image layout is compact, well detailed and authentic. Plus: Bachmann Turbos and a Class 25 examined. Archive footage of ‘Hymeks’ and ‘N’ 2-6-0s. Running time 80 minutes approx.

Model Rail Volume 8

In 2000 the Great Western Railway museum in Swindon moved to a new location inside the historic locomotive works site. Nigel Harris takes a tour of the museum, now called STEAM and introduces the programme. The museum provides an insight into life in a big railway workshop which built everything from brooms to locomotives.

Wintergate High Road The heyday of the LMS modelled in ’00’ gauge in two specially converted rooms by Alan Buckenham.

Fitting fans Dave Lowery demonstrates how to fit etched grilles and fans to plastic bodied diesel locomotives.

Wonderful weathering Following up his popular feature in programme 7, Darren Sherwood turns his attention to weathering a Lima Class 37.

It’s all in the details Chris Leigh continues his series of features on model buildings by adding chimneys, gutters and valancing to a station building.

Stretton Mike Ellis’s picturesque ’00’ layout is inspired by Church Stretton but features a distinctive ‘009’ narrow gauge feeder line as well. Plus: Archive footage of LMS Fowler 4F 0-6-0s, Class 37s and HSTs and a look at the Hornby Bulleid light ‘Pacific’ and the Bachmann Class 24. Running time 80 minutes approx.


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