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Model Rail Volume 13

Nigel Harris introduces the programme from the Isle of Man where the ‘main line’ is narrow gauge and steam operated and where there’s plenty of other railway interest too. We go behind the scenes and we have an exclusive viewing of some private railway models. Here are just some of the highlights of Volume 13:

Castletown – The Isle of Man Railway station is lovingly modelled in 12 mm gauge INSIDE the building which it represents.

Get things straight – Dave Lowery shows how to lay long decals in straight lines, the professional way.

Making a scene – Model Rail Editor Chris Leigh takes over the scenic work on the open frame baseboard project and starts to prepare some of the varied scenic aspects of the model.

Live steam outdoors – Gauge one live steam is really impressive especially when it’s ‘A4s’ and ‘Kings’ as we’ll see on John Messenger’s outdoor track. Running time 80 minutes approx.

Model Rail Vol 14

In this programme join Nigel Harris, Managing Editor, EMAP Railway Titles, for a visit to the thriving Milton Keynes Model Railway Society, which is based at the celebrated Station X at Bletchley Park, where wartime boffins cracked the German’s Enigma code. Here are just some of the highlights of Volume 14:

‘Buxfield’, a modest sized modern image 0 gauge layout expertly modelled by club member Mark Agnew.

Water features – Model Rail Editor Chris Leigh fills the pond he built in programme 13 using one of the water products available as a reader offer.

Silver collections – There’s the rare chance to look at no less than two layouts devoted to collections of historic models, Hornby Dublo and Trix Twin both of which have been out of production for some 40 years yet still have their ardent followers.

Doncaster 150 – a look at some of the visiting steam locomotives.

Reviews – Our review section looks at the splendid new Hornby ‘8F’ and the locomotive which often replaced it, the Class 25, in a revised version from Bachmann. Archive The English Electric Class 40s are the subject of our archive feature.

There’s also time to find out just what’s on offer at a typical club like Milton Keynes which offers something for everyone from ‘N’ gauge to gauge 1 live steam.

DCC, first look at what Digital Command Control can do for you.

A soft bed – Well laid and weathered track is one of the secrets of a good looking layout and we show how it’s done using Carr’s profiled track underlay.

Milton Quays – is a superb Milton Keynes based ’00’ gauge model featuring both main line and dockside running on the Southern region. Colour/Running time approx 85 minutes

Model Rail Vol 15

Nigel Harris introduces the programme from Carnforth, where Trevor Howard and Celia Johnson once starred in Brief Encounter. We see the restored station and the remaining infrastructure and retail developments. Here are just some of the highlights of Volume 15:

New Mills – Unusual in that it features no buildings, this exhibition layout is a scenic setting for full length ’00’ trains.

‘ We’ve covered them in detail in Model Rail issue 63 but here we can show the opening doors of the Hornby Class 50 and the smooth running ‘Q1’.

Multi-layer decals – Dave Lowery shows how pale coloured decals can be laid onto dark surfaces.

Safe Crossing – Model Rail Editor Chris Leigh installs the road and level crossing on our open frame baseboard project.

Archive – The ever popular Class 27 diesels and the BR standard ‘4MT’ 2-6-4Ts in action on BR.

Wessex Lines Layout – Terry Booker’s superb loft layout features the SR and GWR in Dorset. His ’00’ layout takes inspiration from Pendon and even features a snow scene. Colour/Running time approx 85 minutes.

Model Rail Volume 16

Whatever your modelling interests there’s no better way to avoid frustrating and costly mistakes than to learn time saving tricks of the trade by watching the experts at work. Introduced by Nigel Harris from London’s Docklands Light Railway and scripted by Chris Leigh, this volume of our top selling DVD series features over 80 minutes of entertaining modelling tips and inspirational ideas.

Boldon Junction – A superb ’00’ gauge layout set in the industrial North West of England in the 1990s.

Building Bridges – Chris Leigh looks at bridges and how you can model them more effectively.

Build better locomotives – Dave Lowery knows the tricks of the trade and he’s prepared to share them with us here.

Docklands Light Railway – We take a close look at the amazing Docklands Light Railway, with its attractive stations and daring engineering.

Reviews – A first look at the new Bachmann Class 40, ‘Small Prairie’, Deltic and Hornby’s Gresley coaches.

GWR ‘Halls’ – Our archive feature highlights the GWR equivalent of ‘Black Fives’ – widely travelled and called upon to work every sort of train.

Scunthorpe Steelworks – A rare chance to look behind the scenes at this massive industrial complex and its 100 mile internal railway system.

Let’s Rock – Dave Lowery wanted a Dawlish style seafront for his ‘0’ gauge layout, so Chris Leigh lends a hand with the rock faces and seaside scenic details.

Port Eithin – A substantial exhibition layout that features a Cornish china clay branch serving a harbor. Colour/Running time approx 85 minutes.


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