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Model Rail Volume 1

In this first Model Rail video programme, you’ll find loads of inspiration for your model making, whatever your scale or gauge. Throughout the programmes we’ve shown aspects of model railways which are not easy to show in magazine illustrations and we’ve gone behind the scenes to full size and miniature locations, which are not normally accessible to the public.

Here are just some of the highlights: Tetley’s Mills Dave Shakespeare’s superb ’00’ layout that never leaves home was featured in Model Rail in 1997. In the July 1999 issue we’ve returned to see the transformation that’s taken place in two years. Using modern miniature cameras, we step aboard the locomotive for a unique view of this impressive layout based on an imaginary West Yorkshire town. Join us for a unique trip, over the viaducts and into the tunnels of this miniature world.

Easy Air Brushing We’ve taken the video camera to Dave Lowery’s workshop for an expert demonstration of air brushing. Dave shows, in easy to follow steps, how he prepares wagon bodies for painting, before he loads and uses the air brush, and applies the transfers. An air brush is a lifetime investment, so Dave shows how to clean and maintain it, too.

Getting ready for Summer Trevor Jones is an innovative garden railway modeller who introduced us to his revolutionary ‘rubbercrete’ – a concrete mixture you can plane or nail – in the Autumn 1998 Model Rail. He’s gone on to demonstrate a whole series of techniques for garden railway construction. Now he reveals how he prepared his scale three miles of ’00’ layout for summer operation.

Inspirations Galore! Our ‘Inspirations’ pages provide detailed views of prototype railways as an aid to accurate modelling, so here’s a round up which includes Bulleid light ‘Pacifics’, Class 52 ‘Westerns’, Class 59s and 66s at work, container trains and – in a preview of the next Model Rail, a look at the transport of timber by rail.

Bekonscot – A Driver’s Eye View Visit Bekonscot, the world’s oldest model village. Be inspired by 1930s scenes and ride with our miniature digital camera on a gauge ‘1’ railway where the locomotives cover 12,000 scale miles in a season. Running time approximately 85 minutes.

Model Rail Volume 2

In this second Model Rail programme you’ll find loads of inspiration for your model making, whatever your scale or gauge! Here are some of the highlights: Graham Farish – Dorset’s ‘Crewe works’ It really is a railway workshop in miniature! Romany Works, near Poole is the home of the last full range of ready-to-run model railway equipment to be built in Britain. Here, Graham Farish turns out ‘N’ gauge locomotives, coaches, wagons, track and accessories just like a full size railway workshop. There’s computer aided design, precision tool making, metal casting, injection moulding, painting, printing and painstaking assembly. Our cameras went behind the scenes for two days to see just what goes into Britain’s smallest ready-to-run trains.

Wallsea – East Coast Main Line in ‘O’ gauge More than 30 locomotives of North Eastern and BR designs provide a prototypical train service on this imaginary section of the ECML which includes a splendid outdoor model of Digswell (Welwyn) viaduct. Running from garage to garden to shed, the layout features two locomotive depots plus fully working semaphore signals (with lights) and authentic operation.

Inspirations – old and new Our hugely popular selections of prototype photographs to support modelling features are supplemented by video footage from archive film and present day location shooting. In this section we examine the A4s and we’ve an exclusive preview of the new EWS Class 66s and 67s now being delivered from Spain.

Blackpool – trams by the seaside Alan Catlow’s exhibition layout (Model Rail, July 1999) provides a classic background against which to display his superb scratch-built Plasticard tramcars.

Bala See the trains move on Keith Jaggers’s superb evocation of 1930 rural Wales. Our cameras go to the lineside on this ’00’ model of the Bala Junction- Bala branch based on 20 years of research and construction. Weathering your models If you’re seeking realism, nothing works better than weathering but it’s more than just slopping some ‘dirty turps’ on your best locomotive.

Model Rail editor Chris Leigh shows some examples of different types of weathering and demonstrates techniques using weathering powders and paint – dry brushed and sprayed. Running time approximately over 70 minutes.

Model Rail Volume 3

The linking theme of this programme is a series of site visits to level crossings, ranging from hand-operated swing gates to modern lifting barriers. We visit three crossings with traditional gates and three with lifting barriers and they are all very different, offering loads of potential variety for you model making. Nigel Harris, Model Rail Managing Editor, introduces the programme from Oakham – prototype of the celebrated Airfix/Dapol plastic signalbox kit.

Starting with baseboards You don’t have to be an expert carpenter! Chris Leigh shows how the baseboard frames for Model Rail’s Total Test Facility modular layout are being being built – easy carpentry for you to follow. he shoes how the frames are built in a simple jig to ensure that they all turn out exactly the same.

Radio-controlled ’00’ – a Great Western ‘eye opener’ We go behind the scenes at David Clarke’s unique Hallgates ’00’ layout where trains operated by radio-control run under fully authentic GWR signalling. Semaphores and colour lights are controlled from 210-lever signallbox. We see the layout in operation and our minicam provides a unique driver’s eye view.

Military precision – how to model MOD traffic In association with the May 2000 issue of Model Rail which contains a special feature article, we take a look at military railway traffic and the operation of special trains for the Ministry of Defence including a behind the scenes glimpse of the MoD railway at Bicester and Marchwood.

Over the top – how to build the finest footbridges Most model footbridge kits are designed for ground level mounting and are much too high when fitted on a station platform. Chris Leigh shows how to build and modify a Hornby kit to make it wider and lower – just like the real thing.

Prototype inspirations the ‘A3’ 4-6-2s and Deltics To link with the March 2000 and April 2000 issues of Model Rail we present a selection of archive footage featuring Gresley’s ‘A3’ 4-6-2s and the ever-popular ‘Deltics’.

Instant rust and coal We round off with a look at coal traffic in the steam era and a remarkable new product which allows you to add real rust to your models – even on plastic wagons! Level crossings We visit Oakham, Uffinton, Bainton, Tailington, Helpston, Woodcroft and St James Deeping. Running time approx 90 minutes

Model Rail Volume 4

Nigel Harris introduces this programme from Pendon Museum in Oxfordshire where more than 50 years’ work has gone into recreating rural Berkshire as it was around 1930 in 4mm:1ft scale in stunning detail. We take a close look at the museum’s superb layouts, trains and cottages and see progress on the celebrated Vale Scene.

Making tracks! Continuing construction of our ‘Total Test Facility’ office layout, Chris Leigh shows how to lay flexible track which looks good and enables your trains to run well. Following up our survey of track ballast products in Model Rail July 2000, we show how to add loose ballast for realistic appearance.

Llandudno Junction in 1961 This layout was first featured in Model Rail September 1999 and we’re delighted to return to see Chris Evans demonstrate his fine ‘OO’ layout. It includes a complete set of authentic locomotives and trains to enable exact operation for one full day in 1961. Llandudno station, the junction, motive power depot and even the Conway tubular bridge are included in this remarkable ‘OO’ layout which occupies one room.

Getting heated! Dave Lowery shows how easy soldering is, once you’ve learned a few simple techniques and tips. He’s building an ‘O’ gauge Class 66 diesel locomotive and demonstrates techniques for soldering small white metal castings and large pieces of brass.

Pendon Perfection! We featured some of Pendon Museum’s charming models in Model Rail May and June 2000. Now we can take you behind the scenes at this museum of miniature landscape, to see progress on building the Vale Scene’s ‘EM’ gauge railway plus close-ups of detail you’ll find both staggering and inspirational. The Dartmoor Scene and Madder Valley are also featured.

Prototype inspirations Our prototype coverage using archive footage includes cement trains, Stanier ‘8F’ 2-8-0s and Class 26 diesel-electrics. On the Spot We pay a brief visit to Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s GWR station at Culham to complete our coverage.


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