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International Steam Archive

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Today’s railfans may have to travel as far as China or Cuba in search of steam – but not so long ago things were very different. As far as the majority of rail enthusiasts in the UK were concerned, when English steam finished during August 1968 – their hobby was effectively dead. Few people in those days had the money, time or the knowledge to travel the world in search of steam, and of course many British fans were notoriously blinkered claiming to be “”only interested in UK steam anyway””.

Fortunately a few railfans had the foresight to record the passing steam railway heritage overseas as well as at home, and it’s thanks entirely to their efforts that we can all now enjoy some of the finest lineside action to be seen anywhere in the world.

Highlights of this first volume include:

West Germany Hof shed and Hof. The Black Forest. Theine – Emden line. Moselle Valley line from Koblenz to Trier Classes 01,043, 044, 038Spain Castej?n to Miranda de Ebro. Coal traffic on the metre gauge Pon Ferrada to Villablino line. Classes 141Fs/242Fs

India Madras basin bridge shed. Bangalore, Calcutta Howrah Station, Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. Classes YP, WP, WG.

France Traffic around Boulogne Class 141Rs

Portugal Local traffic around Porto. Douro Valley, R shed broad & narrow gauge. Classes E103, E113, E114, E182

Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) Coal trains from Wankie to Bulawayo. Bulawayo depot and area. The Mulungwane Gorge on the branch from West Nicholson. Classes 15A, 20 Beyer Garrett.

Austria Vienna Ost shed, as well as lineside shots. The Vordenberg Rack line with iron ore trains to Donawitz steel works. Classes 52, 78, 77, 97, 197

Turkey Halkali shed 8Fs at Samsun. Traffic around Izmir. Egridir branch Classes 8F, G8, G82s South Africa Krankill in the Karoo desert. The two foot gauge line from Natal. Classes 15A, 19, 24, 25.

Italy Cremona depot. Fortezza – San Candido. Ornavasso to Domodossola. Classes 625, 640, 740, 743.

Pakistan Khyber pass from Peshawar to Landi Total. Bostan Junction in the Sind desert. Classes HGS, SPS, XA


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