Steam World FAVOURITE LOCOMOTIVE CLASSES Volume 2 Freight Engines



DVD Runtime: 60 Minutes

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This is your chance to enjoy a unique slice of everyday living railway history from the same producers that bring you the Steam World Archive Series – the most authentic and popular steam archive series available today. This new series features action from all parts of the old British Railways network and benefits from faithfully added sound using the renowned Peter Handford original steam sound library.

Each programme is accompanied by an informative script highlighting the major differences between the classes. So turn back the clock with Tele Rail and enjoy the authentic sights and sounds of yesterday! For over a century the freight engine was the everyday work horse of the railways – often expected to slog away with a minimum of maintenance and a heavy load.

This latest title helps to redress the balance by taking a nostalgic look at some of the most enduring freight classes including Great Western 2800s, Robinson 04s, Q6s, J27s, J37s, J38s, J39s and 4Fs. There’s also atmospheric film of the much loved Somerset & Dorset 2-8-0s and LMS 8Fs, as well as Q1s and WD 2-8-0s.

Finally we take a look at the often forgotten industrial tanks and the end of the line; the 9Fs.


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