Behind the Scenes – Volume 4 – Traffic



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This is the forth volume in a brand new series of programmes featuring original films from the exciting Fastline collection. While the steam trains naturally tend to take the spotlight, this unusual new series gives you the chance to see exactly what the permanent way engineers did behind the scenes.

Thanks to the foresight of Andrew Dow the wonderful collection of original films and photographs of the LNER are now available for the delight of Railfans. Today’s Fastline Collection is a unique reference source of both stills and films created originally by the Photographic Unit of the Chief Civil Engineer of the LNER in York, and his successors on British Railways. The Unit was the last railway-owned photographic team and became part of Fastline Track Renewals at Privatisation, within Andrew Dow’s responsibilities.

The Unit was sold to Andrew Dow and Richard Hall by Jarvis in 2000. Today, Fastline Films Limited is the nation’s only specialist infrastructure film company.

Volume 4 includes:-

– Spectacular buffer stop testing at Bradford 14th September, 1946.

– Out of gauge load on the LNER, preparation and passage for a Stator on a cantilever wagon.

– Walton Street level crossing.

– Preston loop derailment.

– Snow and floods, winter of 1946/1947.

– Water trough, re-laying water troughs at Wiske Moor.

– York shed 1946, ‘The layout of locomotive facilities’.

– This is a fascinating look into our industrial railway heritage, highlighting the jobs of both the men and the machines that worked Behind the Scenes to keep the railway operational.


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