Around the World in Search of Steam (Colin Garratt – Spain / Britain / Turkey)


Around the World in Search of Steam (Colin Garratt – Spain / Britain / Turkey)

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Colin Garratt is engaged in a lifetime crusade to photograph and record the end of the age of steam around the world. This video explores Colin’s fascinating photographic techniques along with the historical significance of his work which forms probably the worlds finest pictorial archive on this subject.

This film features Colin and his assistant, Sarah King, at work in Spain in quest of a Manchester built Sharp Stewart 0-6-OT from Bridgewater Street; Turkey where the last famous Stanier 8F from the LMS was ending its days; the Isle of Man whose railway is full of vintage charm and China where steam locomotives continued to be built at a rate of almost one a day Colin and Sarah make many fascinating discoveries in both adventurous and occasionally amusing situations. However bizarre many of the situations may appear they are always part of a serious photographic task as Colin outlines his photographic philosophies and analyses many of his best-loved pictures at his cottage deep in the Leicestershire countryside and nearby to the childhood bridge from which he watched his first steam train 40 years ago.

Colin’s unique pictures contain an incredible variety of locomotives in dramatic moods ranging from smoky shed scenes, trains in full cry, industrial dramas, twilight and night scenes with shrouds of flaming embers being flung into the air, rusted giants languishing in graveyards festooned with wild flowers and scrapyard scenes of great poignancy. No-one before ever made a living from photographing trains and this video profiles the determination of a photographer to succeed against all the odds and place on modern colour film the end of the legend for the benefit of future generations. His mission must continue…… This video is an absolute must for anyone interested in Photography, Railways, Adventure or Travel.


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