50 years of the Class 47s



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50 years ago nobody could have guessed that these locos would still be in front line service with several operating companies today.

Four of the class were introduced in September 1962 with the rest following on during the next few years, some with several modifications.

Starting with the early days through the BR Blue era, also looking at the different sub classes that have appeared over the years. We then focus on Railfreight, Intercity, Civil Link and RES operations before turning our attention to the companies that still operated class 47s including Virgin, First Great Western, EWS and Freightliner.

Also a look at other operators that have used class 47s from Cotswold Rail to Fragonset, Waterman Railways and Riveria.

Bang up-to-date with todays operators that are still using class 47s on regular serices including West Coast Railways, DRS and Colas. As well as a look at some of the class that have made it into Preservation.


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