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Model Rail Expert - The Definitive Airbrush Expert
Model Rail


About this title

There comes a time when painting with an ordinary brush will never achieve that completely realistic finish. With the expert help of George Dent, a variety of different techniques are demonstrated in this latest DVD in the Model rail 'Expert' series.

This in-depth programme includes:

- Equipment: Airbrushes; Compressors and supplies; filters & gauges. Spray booth, masks, gloves basic health & safety.

- Excercises on paper and card; readythinned paints; testing on scrap models.

- Preparation: Surface rub-down & cleanup; priming; mixing / thinning paints.

- Techniques: Painting with enamel, cellulose and acrylics; Masking; top coats; cleaning up; Weathering effects.



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