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Class 37s - 60 years and still going strong
Class 37s - 60 years and still going strong


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BR Class 37, also known as the English Electric Type 3 were ordered as part of the British Railways modernisation plan and introduced in 1960. In this programme we look at the introduction of the 37s and then the various Sub-classes that began to appear in the 1980s. We also feature the various train companies that have used the class over the years, including those which are still using class 37s in 2021.

This DVD includes -

Sub- classes 37/3s, 37/4s, 37/5s, 37/6s, 37/7s, 37/9s and Network Rail 97s.

Regular 1990s freight flows around the whole UK and several passenger and sleeper services.

EWS & DB Shenker.

West Coast Railways class 37 fleet at Carnforth depot and on charters.

DRS – Kingmoor depot, nuclear traffic, engineers trains, rail head treatment trains and also Cumbrian and Anglian passenger operations.

LSL - Staycation service & charters.

Rail Operations Group.

Network Rail test trains with Colas class 37s.



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