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Steam in Retrospect Revisited
The Roger Nicholas Collection


About this title

There are many enthusiasts who look back on the 1960's with regret that they did not photographically record the last glorious years of British main line steam. However, thanks to Roger Nicholas' unique historical mainline footage, a record does exist as a permanent reminder of the latter days of working steam.

Roger's collection comprises a series of lineside and shed scenes depicting the action from the loco-spotter's viewpoint. The procession of trains and locomotives, goods and passenger workings, including the famous and the not so famous, is impressive. Included amongst many others are Duchesses both at Crewe and working north in 1964, A4s on the east coast mainline and north of Edinburgh and 8Fs hard at work in the Derbyshire hills. Plus, Roger's personal tribute to Jubilee 'Seahorse'.

Previously issued in four individual video volumes, this new compendium programme revisits Roger' footage with the added features of carefully selected sound effects and new scripting throughout. So, sit back and relish the memories of yesterdays mainline steam in action. Special Features! Indexing within the menu on this DVD allows the viewer to select the geographical zones:

Part One:- Crewe to Carlisle and return.

Part Two:- Grantham via York and Kinnaber Junc to Aberdeen.

Part Three:- Stockport and the Peak District.

Notes supplied with this DVD provide a useful list of identified locomotive numbers within these archive segments.



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