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Vol 5 South West
The Railway Register


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The end of working steam on Britain's railways heralded the start of one of the most fascinating resurgences of the last century, namely the railway restoration preservation movement. Volunteer enthusiasts have brought back from oblivion both the famous names of mainline express locomotives and the lesser known work horses of branch and industrial siding. Great and small have been lovingly restores to full working order and have found lives on a myriad of Britain's preserved railways. Others are long term operating lines that have never closed and are faithfully continuing to operate for the pleasure of all!

This series of six programmes, divided into geographical areas, examines a selection of the well and not-so-well known lines and provides the viewer with a cross section of fascinating motive power and wonderful locations.


South Devon Railway

Paignton & Dartmouth Railway

East Somerset Railway

Avon Valley Railway

West Somerset Railway

Bodmin & Wenford Railway '.and more!



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