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Vol 3 A Tale of Many Gauges
The James Boyd Archive Collection


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Narrated once again by James Boyd, and based on his unique cine archive, this programme features, among other lines, the Welshpool and Llanfair Railway in its freight only days: the privately owned Penrhyn and Padarn systems, and the quarries they served, the 15' gauge Fairbourne Railway, and the scenic Vale of Rheidol. Standard gauge travels, by both service and special trains, cover lines of character in Derbyshire, Denbighshire and Lancashire, with visits to industrial sites where locomotives of special interest were at work. To conclude, James Boyd shows us the miniature railway he supervises at a Worcestershire private school, where children learn the disciplines of railway life at first hand: hard work and thorough preparation before enjoyment!

'This film provides both an evocative re-creation of some of Britain's most distinctive railways and an insight into the life of a man to whom the preservation movement owes much.' (Steam Railway)



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