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Great British Named Trains & Expresses Vol 1
Great British Named Trains & Expresses


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- A story told through postcards -

The first commercially produced postcards appeared in 1861. The first known printed picture postcard, with an image on one side, was created in France in 1870. Since the start they have provided an informal form of communication often with featured illustrations and fascinating photographs. There are hundreds of different subjects covered within the genre but the focus here is on railway postcards.

The golden age of postcards covered the period 1890 to 1915 and the phenomena has continued to maintain worldwide interest proving without doubt that postcards are communicators and provide a “frozen in time” snapshot of much of our social history.

This programme uses the producer’s private railway postcard collection to tell the stories behind many of Britain’s famous named trains and expresses. The postcard illustrations used within the programme are supplemented with much rare archive film and an informative commentary.

Volume One

introduces the viewer to the collector’s world of postcards before featuring the story behind some of Britain’s fames Named Trains & Expresses.

This programme includes……. Early East Coast Mainline expresses and the Stirling singles, - the world famous Flying Scotsman train and the iconic locomotive No.4472. Also, the development of the Atlantic locomotive types, the unofficial “races to the north”, Gresley’s streamline developments, the coming of the Deltics, Great Eastern Railway boat trains, Great Western Railway developments, the Cheltenham Flyer and many more….


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