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Vol 7 China Part 2
New Horizons


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Our second part of this most detailed look at the current Chinese rail scene includes:-

• Anshan and Baotou A close look at two of the most impressive industrial locations in China; the giant steel works at Anshan and Baotou. These two huge sites both employ a huge variety of steam and more modern traction on their complex site operations. Anshan features on shed and on site JS & SY plus their unique Skoda electrics, while Baotou features JS, SY, YJ & GK1F.

• Zhongwei There's more sensational double headed QJ steam action on the top part of the steep climb at Zhongwei around Changliushui where many locos take water and clean out their fires before the final ascent to Gantang. There's also a contrasting look at contemporary diesel hauled freight flows up the climb at Zhongwei.

• Harbin Both diesel passenger and steam hauled freight are featured.

• There's a look at two contrasting colliery lines at Xintaizi near Shenyang and the No 2 Coal mine at Tangshan featuring SY and YJ steam action.

• Sujiatun steam museum and depot, plus a very poignant look at some Chinese scrap lines contrasted with a summary of typical present day steam action.



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