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Doncaster 150 proved to be one of the rail high spots of this summer – so if you were there you’ll certainly want a copy of this special official Steam Railway souvenir. If you couldn’t make it to the show, this great programme will show you exactly what you missed!

• There’s time for a close look at all the principal visiting steam locomotives, including Mallard, Flying Scotsman, Union of South Africa, Morayshire, Mayflower, Green Arrow and the Stirling ‘Single’. There’s also an interview with Flying Scotsman’s chief engineer Roland Kennington.

• This 60 minute programme also provides a unique opportunity to sample some highlights from our other magnificent Steam Railway programmes including:

• The Steam Railway Premiére Collection featuring the story of Mallard and the Gresley A4s, and also Evening Star and the 9Fs.

• There’s also a chance to join readers in China, Russia and Poland as they search for the best steam action.

Don’t forget the other great Tele Rail titles including The Premiére Collection, China Steam Paradise and Across Russia by Steam. Full details in Steam Railway magazine or direct from Tele Rail.



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