Model Rail Making Tracks
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Model Rail Making Tracks
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Ten all time great layouts Central to most peoples’ enjoyment of railway modelling is a really great layout, and there’s no better way to gather fresh ideas than by looking at successful layouts produced by other skilled modellers.

Over the years Model Rail programme has featured dozens of superb layouts. So this inspirational compilation featuring ten of the very best layouts is an ideal way to sample our regular programme.

The ten all time great Layouts featured are:-

• Stretton – ‘00’ gauge layout that also features ‘009’ narrow gauge

• Starbeck Bridge – a scale mile modern image in ‘N’ gauge

• Wintergate Road – the heyday of the LMS in ‘00’

• Wychnor – ‘0’ gauge layout based on Burton-on-Trent

• Blair Athol – Modern image in ‘00’

• Castletown – Isle of Man Station in 12 mm gauge

• Falworth – Modern image in ’00’

• Midhurst – Southern Railway in ‘00’

• Holiday Haunts – in ‘0’Gauge

• New Mills – WCML in ‘00’



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