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Model Rail Experience Volume 1
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The best way to find out just how good our Model Rail series really is !

A special selection of highlights from each of the first seven Model Rail video programmes including:-

• Tetley's Mills - Dave Shakespeare's '00' gauge imaginary West Yorkshire town.

• Wall sea - The East Coast Main line in '0' gauge. Hallgates - Radio-controlled '00' gauge.

• Llandudno Junction - '00' gauge authentic operation in 1961.

• Pendon - Modelling perfection as the famous Vale Scene takes shape.

• Wychnor '0' gauge - The layout that's big enough to handle a Beyer-Garrett.

• Beckonscot - Garden railway action from the world's oldest model village.

• The Strathmore route - '00' gauge Perth in the 1950s

• The Gainsborough Model Railway No less than King's Cross to Leeds in '0' gauge.

• Also lots of top tips to help you get the best from your modelling including:- Air Brushing. How to achieve realistic weathering. Instant rust. Working with card.



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