• December 18, 2018
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A great place for steam !

Although Russia has a rich railway history it’s more often known internationally for the actual routes like the famous Trans-Siberian.  

However, after many years of allowing the remaining steam fleet to deteriorate, in 2012  the president of Russian Railways signed an order to preserve, many in working order, some 81 steam engines at four depots.

It’s now over 25 years since the Telerail crew made our definitive look at Russian Steam in the Caucasus. Thanks to GW Travel (today Golden Eagle Luxury Trains) back then it was possible to organise a wonderful tour using the pick of working Soviet steam drawn mainly from the strategic reserve.

Incredibly, in autumn 2018 we were able to repeat many sections of the original trip. This time running some 3,500 miles from Moscow to the North Caucasus and along the Black Sea with 100% steam 24 hours a day!

Our new updated DVD will highlight all the major changes we found, not least of all in steam tourism.



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