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West Coast Railways
West Coast Railways


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A close look at the UK's most prominent train hire company, which since 1998 has specialised in operating charter trains, both in its own right and on behalf of tour operators, along some of the UK's most famous and scenic routes and to many beautiful destinations. It has its own dedicated workforce who are able to provide many high profile services including the only regular timetabled main line steam in the UK, and motive power for many feature films including the Harry Potter series. Exclusive 'behind the scenes' footage at Carnforth motive power depot featuring both diesel and steam maintenance. Also features:-

- Annual Jacobite, Scarborough and Cambrian steam services

- Royal Scotsman

- The Harry Potter story

- A close look at the current West Coast Railways fleet and its operations

- One off diesel & steam specials

- Contrasting the Queen of the Scots, and the Green Train services

- Exclusive interviews



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