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Vanishing World Steam - Volume 4 - The Steamiest Place on Earth
Vanishing World Steam


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No prizes for guessing that this DVD features China! - With around four thousand steam locos still working in 1998, China remains the only major country in the world still using any serious volume of steam power for every day use.

Shot during 1997 and 1998 this video with an informative script this DVD features unparalleled winter steam action including:-

- Yebaishou - a return to this highly acclaimed area featuring what is likely to be some of the last steam action from this popular location.

- Xilin - narrow gauge action along an interesting rural line worked by PT4s - also the Yexi stone railway in Beijing.

- Mulling - passenger action around the giant horse shoe between Mundanjiang and Mulling.

- Tumen -steam close to the border with Korea highlighting the famous Xingxing spiral.

- Jinpeng Pass -the superb Tongliao - Jining line featuring winter action on the now famous Jinpeng pass as well as a visit to Daban depot. This 'provincial line' which is not part of China has sprung to prominence in recent years as it is still one hundred percent steam operated with semaphore signals and in addition, passes through some spectacular mountainous areas. Most of the traffic is freight worked by ex China Rail QJs - although the alternate day passenger service in this remote part of Inner Mongolia is also featured. With so much stunning action, this video provides one of the most up to date opportunities to view working steam in the last few years of this century.



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