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RAILWAYMEN REMINISCING - Memories of North West Steam - Episodes 3 & 4
Railwaymen Reminiscing


About this title

Using newly discovered archive film and lots of interviews this important new series sets out to tell the story of what life was like for the men who worked on the railway with steam, from cleaners to controllers and footplate crews mainly in their own words.

In some ways, thanks mainly to nostalgic archive programmes, it seems like only yesterday when steam was an everyday sight. Although we are indeed lucky to be able to enjoy so much cine film from the days of working steam, up until now recording the more social side of everyday life for the railwaymen in their own words has been somewhat neglected.

This is an important social record of what life was really like delving into every aspect of a typical working day explained by each person using their own words and carefully illustrated with suitable archive film.

This DVD includes two complete programmes.



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