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Vol 4 Scotland & North East England
The Cam Camwell Collection


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The 'Cam' Camwell Collection W.A. 'Cam' Camwell was one of the most active members of the railway enthusiast community during the 1950s and 1960s - the period during which British Railways moved from steam to diesel and electric traction and many railway lines and branches passed into history.

His membership of the Stephenson Locomotive Society led him to organising many tours of threatened or interesting railway lines and he enthusiastically recorded as much of the railway network as possible, both in photographs and on 16mm cine film. The latter forms the basis of this series of programmes, as 'Cam' filmed many remote and obscure lines as well as interesting developments on the main lines.

The 'Cam' Camwell Collection Volume 4 Railways of Scotland & North East England



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