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The Hoppers - Moving Derbyshire into Cheshire
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The Hoppers – Moving Derbyshire into Cheshire

Limestone has been extracted from the Peak District hills since Roman Times, and has been moved by rail to various places for over a century. For around eighty years dedicated trains of limestone have been rolling into Cheshire – Northwich’s chemical industry, to be precise – and the process is still going on.

Join Railfilms Lts as we look at the history of the famous hopper trains – from initial inception by the LMS, through the steam era, trials with early diesels, the classic growl of pairs of class 37s which worked the trains for so many years – through to today’s class 60s and 66s with modern air-braked wagons.

You can experience the sight and sound of one of the longest freight flows in the UK which isn’t going to die just yet, and meet the men who made it happen on a daily basis. And there’s a lot more of Derbyshire left to move!


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