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The British Engine Planet Project
Restoration And Replica Landmarks


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Now after more than 150 years Planet is steaming again. In a challenging and exciting project the Friends of the Museum have designed and built a full scale working reproduction of the Planet locomotive, with the support of the museum's own workshop team. This programme tells the story of that project, one of the most ambitious of its type ever undertaken by a Friends organisation, and shows step by step the progress made.

Working drawings were made based on Stephenson's original general arrangement drawings Each step of the way is then covered from the pouring of the molten metal to form Planet's distinctive wheels to the museum's workshop. Finally the big day arrives with Planet's first dramatic public appearance, steaming once again past Liverpool Road Station.

'Moody and effective... this is an extremely enjoyable tape which shows in impressive style just how today's steam engineers are pushing back the boundaries.' (Steam Railway)



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