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The Six Wheeler in Preservation
Steam Lives On


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This two disc set looks at the humble 0-6-0 locomotive, once the most common on Britain's railways, whether in tank or tender versions.

They could be found almost everywhere on shunting duties but also played a vital role as main line engines. The development of larger locomotives to cope with heavier and faster trains meant that the six wheeler became associated with secondary main line duties or on branch lines. Their continued usefulness is shown by some examples continuing to be built after the formation of British Rail in 1948.

The development of the heritage movement has mirrored that of the big railway in that some of the longer and more successful lines now need larger engines for most of their traffic but elsewhere the six wheeler continues in front line duties. One pleasing development has been the matching of older locomotives with period coaching stock, often with the engine being presented in a pre-grouping livery.

The programme is arranged by looking at the designs of each of the 'big four' in turn with the film arranged in the order of introduction.

Disc 1 looks at the Great Western and London and North Eastern Railways' locomotives.

Disc 2 profiles those of the Southern and London, Midland and Scottish Companies; all including their pre-grouping constituents where appropriate.

No less than 27 heritage lines are visited, from Bodmin to Aviemore, and a total of 25 different classes of locomotive seen. In many instances there is a pleasing link between the location of the line and the type of locomotive on display.

Filmed and edited by Ian Brownrigg.



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