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The Heavy Freight Locomotive in Preservation
Steam Lives On


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The Heavy freight locomotive, defined here as having 8 or 10 coupled driving wheels, were a common sight throughout most of the |British Rail network up to the end of steam. In preservation they are usually to be found as part of the passenger pool at the various heritage sites. Their impressive power is more than adequate for today's loads and the 25 mph speed limit provides no problem for their smaller driving wheels. It might be impracticable to re-create the lengthy freight trains of past years but the arrangement of shorter demonstration freight trains during gala events, or for photo charters, is popular with the photographer and those who wish to see something of the mixed traffic railway of steam days when it was still the 'common carrier' for most commodities throughout the country.

As is fitting, this programme has a large element of such work and there are some impressive freight consists to be seen. We see action on 12 heritage lines and feature 17 locomotives from 10 different classes, ending with the final freight engines built for British Rail and which had such a short active life.

This programme acknowledges and gives thanks to all those who take the trouble to restore freight stock for our continuing enjoyment. Such stock can be very much the poor relation of the heritage movement as it is the passenger stock that earns income for the railway. Commentary is by Gary Boyd Hope, Editor of Steam Railway magazine.

Filmed and edited by Ian Brownrigg.



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