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Steam Lives on - Destination Holyhead
Steam Lives On


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The line along the North Wales coast from Chester, through Llandudno and on to Holyhead, has seen frequent excursion trains during the preservation era. Holyhead is the destination for most steam trains as the triangle at Valley allows the locomotive to be urned for the return leg; but some go to Llandudno whilst others use the Conwy Valley route to reach Blaenau Ffestiniog. With the exceptionof the last mentioned,the route is mostly flat with only short adverse gradients. This film follows preserved steam in action along the line, including scenes on the two routes into Chester. We first head west and then return east from Holyhead. There is also action on the steeply graded line to Blaenau including footage of the attempts to re-start a train that has stalled.

The film features 19 different locomotives, from each of the 'big four' as well as the B.R. Standards.

The period covered is betwen 2006 and 2018, plus one sequence from 1998. We also see instances of the traditional semaphores still in use, and then having been replced by colour light signals. This programme has been filmed and edited by 10D videosteam productions. Other films in the 'Steam Lives On' serues can be found on the web site of Tele



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