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New Zealand Railways - Line-by-Line
New Zealand Railways


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This four disc set follows the railways of New Zealand along the various routes, showing the traffic that can be seen. The scenery is as varied as it is attractive with dramatic mountain backdrops, lush farmlands, unspoiled coasts and plenty of wide open spaces. The nature of the landscape is such that there is much curvature of line, many gradients, long tunnels and high viaducts, all making for an interesting and different place in which to view railway operations. The railway was built to the 3-foot 6-inch gauge and has a loading gauge approximately the same as in the UK. Locomotives and stock are a mixture of local built and imports from the UK, USA, Japan, Hungary and Australia.

Disc 1

North Auckland lines

Auckland to Hamilton

Hamilton to Palmerston North

Disc 2

The Bay of Plenty

Marton to New Plymouth

Palmerston North to Wellington

Disc 3

Palmerston North to Gisbome

Masterton to Wellington

Christchurch to Invercargill

Disc 4

The Midland Line

Picton to Christchurch.

Each disc is over one hour in duration. The material was filmed over a 19 week period in the summer of 2008/9, with additional material from other videographers.

This is a companion set to two other films: New Zealand Steam Diary 2008/9 and One Summer.



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