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Vol 4 The North East
Rail Freight Focus


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The North East of England today offers some of the very best variety of rail freight activity to be found anywhere in the United Kingdom. Although EWS enjoys the lion's share of the action there's still a surprising amount of variety of other traffics from Freightliner and GB Rail Freight also to be seen. Features include:-

• Freightliner Heavy Haul activity at Dewsbury, A visit to Rexam Glass on the Monk Bretton branch.

• Roxby rubbish flows A close look at traffic around Immingham and Scunthorpe featuring iron ore, steel, coal, oil, and paper traffics.

Potter Group railhead at Selby - one of the fastest growing rail freight terminals in the country. Traffics include the new Medite trains operated by GB Rail Freight, plus EWS Enterprise and aggregate flows.

• Drax power station; behind the scenes to see EWS and Freightliner coal flows.

• The scenic Boulby branch with its' heavy potash trains.

Traffic around Lackenby including Freightliner services to Wilton.

• Direct Rail Services nuclear traffic from Seaton-on-Tees.

• Tyne yard traffic including oil from Jarrow and Royal Mail services. Alumina from North Blyth and coal from Butterwell.

• Enterprise services including:- Hull, Wakefield and Tees Dock.

• Loco classes:- 08, 20, 37, 56, 60, 66, 67.

With over 60 minutes of brand new top rate action and created by the same team that made the incredibly popular Rail Freight Today series - it's your guarantee of exceptional quality.



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