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Vol 2 The North West
Rail Freight Focus


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The North Western corner of England featured in this programme is home to some of the most scenic railway lines in the UK. With the rail freight scene changing so rapidly as traffics expand and the EWS fleet is quickly updated this is an essential guide to all the most interesting rail freight movements in the North West. Features include:-

• The Settle & Carlisle line , coal and gypsum traffic on the move, plus a visit to the gypsum works at Kirkby Thore.

• Castle Cement at Clitheroe - although cement is not currently sent out by rail - there's a regular flow of coal into the plant.

• WCML traffics including Hardendale lime, coal, intermodal, Freightliner & Enterprise flows.

• The Peak Forest area - lots to see here with plenty of aggregate traffics on the move.

• The Warrington area - Enterprise trips to Dee Marsh, Dowlow and Middlewich, also coal to Fiddlers Ferry. O'Conners Container Terminal - a new freight customer.

• Manchester - waste traffic from Bredbury & Northenden, and cement from Northenden. Heysham branch nuclear traffic - irradiated fuel from Heysham power station, and acid to Sandbach. Operated by DRS this is one of the few traffics not to be handled by EWS!

• Enterprise services to Workington Docks - another new regular EWS flow.

• Locos classes featured:- 08,20,37,56,60,86,90 & 92

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